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About Us

Our mission is to give each student the tools they need to learn the best way possible

At Total Tutors, we believe education is one of the most important things in a person's development. Many today associate education with tests, classes and report cards, but education goes way beyond these things, as well as beyond the subjects children learn in school. Education is teaching kids how to learn and how to teach themselves. Learning does not stop when the bell rings at the end of the school day; developing brains crave new information and knowledge, so the learning never stops!


Based off this idea, Total Tutors wants to make sure every child always has access to education and information that is fit perfectly for them. We dedicate ourselves to making sure each student learns all the strategies and techniques possible, to help teach themselves and learn in the most efficient way possible. Early education lays the foundation of knowledge and habits that has tremendous effect over a person's life, and that is why we are proud to be the only tutoring company in Orange County that specializes in Elementary School education. Our goal is to help each child reach their fullest education potential, and foster a positive relationship with education, as we assist them on their quest for knowledge.

The New Way Of Educating

Unlock your full potential with Total Tutors

Not Your Typical Tutors

Total Tutors is not a simple tutor matching service. We differ from other tutoring services by utilizing real seasoned teachers to assess and evaluate each student, and then develop an individualized education program for each student.


We know that you cannot take a "one size fits all" approach to education, so we make sure that each student receives a completely customized and unique plan, fit to their specific needs. We then go through an extensive tutor vetting and matching process using this information, learning as much as we can about each tutor to determine their teaching style and how best to match them. We go through a similar process during our evaluation of each student, making sure we figure out exactly what each student needs to move forward and learn effectively. Using this information, we pair each student with the tutor that is the absolute best fit, to guarantee success.


Our differences don't stop here. Where many tutoring services will match a student with a tutor and then fade away, we stay active in each child's education. Our program directors share regular conversations with each tutor, exchanging notes, material, information, and continue to work on each education plan. We also implement regular "progress check-ins" from our program directors with each student, to discover how each student is responding to their education plan, track their successes, and determine if any changes need to be made to the education plan. We like to have regular meetings between the client, program director, and tutor, to keep an open line of communication between all three, and make sure each client is getting the best care possible.


Total Tutors has been reinventing education and providing the top education service to Newport Beach, Irvine, Laguna Niguel, and other areas in Orange County, CA since 2016. Real teachers, proven methods, fair prices, superior quality and exceptional services are guaranteed when you work with us.

Veteran Education Professionals

All students are assessed and taught by qualified and experienced education professionals

Comprehensive Evaluation

Determine the student's learning styles, problem solving ability, areas of strength and weaknesses

Modest Prices

Receive top quality services at fair prices

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are proud to offer 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our services

Our Process

  1. Fill out the information forms or contact us for a FREE consultation or schedule an evaluation
    Fill out the forms for the service you are interested in, or call/ email us to tell us more about what you are looking for. 

  2. We will reach out ASAP to schedule the Comprehensive Evaluation
    Our Program Director will reach out and review your information, answer any questions, provide a price quote, and schedule the time and location of the evaluation

  3.  Our Program Director will meet with you and evaluate the student  (~ 60-90 mins)
    Our highly qualified, experienced special education teacher evaluates the student's learning style, reasoning skills, problem solving abilities, memory, learning habits and readiness level, and shares these findings with you so you can continue to leverage them along the student's educational journey.

  4.  We create an individualized education program (IEP) for the student
    Our program director develops an individualized education plan including lesson plans, course track, and teaching strategies, according to the evaluation as well as your requirements and preferences. 

  5.  We will match you with the tutor best suited for your child's needs based off the evaluation
    We use the information and requirements to find the best educator for the student's needs, through our extensive tutor matching and vetting process. Our tutors are guaranteed to be experienced education professionals with extensive knowledge of the subjects.

  6. Meet your new tutor
    Your new tutor will reach out to schedule times & discuss your preferred locations for the tutoring sessions, and get to know you more.

  7.  Start learning!

  8.  Periodic Check-ins with Program Director
    Once you've started your program with your new tutor, our program director will schedule periodic Organization & Time Management Check-Ins with the student to make sure you are on track and satisfied, track progress and mastery, and make any adjustments to the program to optimize your learning experience. 

Our Process

Our Story

Total Tutors was born from the passion and experience of our founder and CEO, Adam Krell. Adam comes from a unique educational background, having studied Behavior Psychology with a focus in Child Development, Special Testing, and Neuropsychology, as well as Special Education. After years of teaching at schools in Texas, Washington, and California as an elementary school special education teacher and working for several tutoring companies, Adam realized there was something missing from the world of education, which was actual education.


It felt like many schools were operating by just herding kids through, with the only intention of getting their students into the next grade, while tutoring companies were operating as a matching service, pairing students with whomever was most available. This is what drove Adam to found Total Tutors, to disrupt the standard of education, and bring real teaching back into the world of education. The idea of Total Tutors is that each child should be getting their very own specific education, and that each student should have access to all the information they desire, as well as the opportunity to learn at their own pace, in the most optimal way possible.

Adam Krell Founder CEO of Total Tutors

"Each student should thirst for knowledge and appreciate it"

But Total Tutors does not stop here. As a teacher, the most common question Adam heard from students was "Why do I even need to know this? I will probably never have to use this in my life". To which, many teachers responded "because it will be on the test, and you will need to know it for school next year". This is one of the wrongs Total Tutors aims to right. There are many answers to these students' question. One may answer this question with science - "Learning new things creates new neural-pathways in your brain, giving you the ability to think and react quicker in all areas of your life". One may also answer this question more abstractly - "Learning is essential to life. How often you use what you have learned is not as important as the quest for knowledge and always trying to strengthen your mind. Wouldn't you rather know this information and not need it, then not know this information and need it?" But most important of all, what all of our educators should be teaching is that learning should not be for the purpose of taking a test or taking more classes, each student should thirst for knowledge and appreciate it.


It is our dream to help change the notion that school is a punishment, and instead show students how amazing  knowledge and the journey for it is, and how it should be cherished. Learning is not limited to the typical core subjects, but applies to everything from sports to music. This is why we call ourselves "Total" tutors, and why we offer the top-notch tutoring in music, cooking, instruments, socialization, and fitness all through Orange County, in addition to the typical subjects.

Nelson Mandela Quote Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

By giving students a real education, we hope to give them more confidence and pride in their work, creating a positive connection with education, and in turn, instill a love for learning that so many students today are lacking. The sad truth is that many of our schools are over-packed and only teach to tests, our teachers are over-worked and handcuffed to specific teaching methods that take hands on learning out of education, and many tutoring services are matching services too focused on counting minutes.


At Total Tutors, we have the freedom to teach how information was meant to be delivered; in a hands-on, interesting, inventive, creative, and personalized way to each student. We, at Total Tutors, love learning; which is why we are so passionate about teaching. We only hire those who were born to educate, and love it as much as we do. This is why it is the dream of everyone at Total Tutors to bring every student the gift of loving learning.

Let us find the best tutor for you

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