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Private in-home music lessons to foster creativity and expand knowledge outside of textbooks with OC's expert music teachers

Music Lessons & Child Development

There is no debate that learning a musical instrument has many positive affects on a child’s development. As a private education company, we offer private piano lessons, private and group vocal training (singing lessons), guitar lessons, and general music classes for children of all ages and skill levels for education beyond academics. In light of the current pandemic, we've expanded our service to offer online music lessons in addition to traditional in home lessons in Orange County,CA. 

Music Induces Early Childhood Neurological Development

First and foremost, learning to play an instrument at an early age helps children develop “neuropsychological distinction”, which gives them them ability to process sounds and words at higher speeds, and recognize sounds they wouldn’t otherwise be familiar. This can aid in all areas of development such as literacy, problem solving ability, and social skills. But learning an instrument actually goes deeper than just the sounds. Studies at northwestern university have show that early childhood music education lights up many parts of a child’s brain, that wouldn’t otherwise be accessed until later in life.

Private music lesson for a toddler

Learning the speed and tempo of an instrument later help children develop math and logic skills. Music theory has shown to help children develop longer attention spans and organizational skills. Playing instruments with other instructors and students has shown to later help children develop social skills such as taking turns and maintaining eye contact. But above all, learning a musical instrument has shown to help children develop confidence. The list of benefits for learning a musical instrument at an early age goes on and on, and way beyond sounds and creativity. This is why we at Total Tutors have started a music division within our company. We know the value of learning an instrument, and how beneficial it can be to a child’s overall development.

Music Classes Offered

All music classes are offered in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels


Total Tutors offers private piano lessons for students of all ages and readiness levels, from beginner to advanced, customized to your needs and interests. Develop a strong foundation in areas such as music theory, keyboard technique, and reading & auxiliary skills to create comprehensive mastery of piano and music. The lessons and music styles are tailored to your preferences, with beginners starting with classical, and can progress to other styles such as jazz or pop music.

Singing & Music Theory

Our private singing lessons teach aspiring singers and music lovers of any readiness level the fundamentals to vocal training and music theory. Learn from our expert voice teachers, who help you develop key skills such as breathing, posture, and diction for vocal progression, practice pitch control and keeping tempo, and explore different types of music and vocal ranges. 


Become a rockstar with our private guitar lessons for any skill levels! Our experienced expert guitar instructors help build strong fundamental skills such as finger skills, rhythm, music theory, as well as basics of manipulating scales, chords, and tuning. Explore different types of music to develop creativity and practice music composition.

Personalized Music Program Just For You

Customized Lessons

Lessons and progression personalized to your specific needs and preferences in music styles

Learn At Your Own Pace

Spend more time on your weak areas, and progress through the rest

Increased Results

Learn more efficiently and effectively with a customized program from inspiring experts in the field

Reduced Exposure 

Get 100% attention while reducing contact and risk of disease exposure with our safety-compliant tutors

Convenient Scheduling

Have your private music sessions in-home, online, or any location and at times convenient to you

Release Stress & Have Fun

Enjoy a change of pace from distance learning with fun & interactive music lessons

Private Music Lessons With Local Experts


Learn from the best teachers highly skilled in their music instruments, with years of experience instructing children of different ages and skill levels.



Flexible scheduling


Have a jam-packed schedule? Choose your own schedule and class duration to fit your schedule and your needs. We offer lessons in 30 min and 60 min intervals, at times convenient to you, starting at $30. 


Affordable Lessons


We offer music lessons that are priced based on the individual instructor's experience level and skill level of the lessons, starting at $30 for 30 minute sessions.

Custom Format & Location


1 on 1 Private Music Lesson

Meet with your music teacher 1 on 1 in-home or at any location of your choosing in Orange County, CA. Virtual lessons are offered in addition to in-person classes for Singing & Music Theory during the pandemic.  

Private Small Group Lessons

We offer private music lessons for small groups of 2 - 8 (max class size will depend on readiness level and nature of the class/ instrument) for select classes.

* Extracurricular learning pod enrichment programs that includes music, arts, science projects, and fitness also available.

See Learning Pod Support.

Music Class


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Stay Engaged With Private Music Lessons and Learn From Orange County's Expert Music Teachers

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