Community Resources

As part of this community, we not only provide great services but resources to you as well.  On our social media sites, Facebook and Instagram, information such as weekly tips, tricks, book recommendations, activities and more are available at your fingertips.  All the worksheets we create for community use will be housed here for easy access.  Please explore our social sites regularly so you do not miss any of these valuable resources. 

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Year In Review Worksheet

Let’s take some time and review the past year with our kiddos!  Enjoy this worksheet to help discuss 2021 accomplishments and achievements while also perhaps setting some goals for this year.


New Year Word Search

Can you find all the words in this word search?  Let us know how you did on our social sites!

Happy New Year 2022 JPEG.jpg


Winter Crossword Puzzle

Try your hand at this crossword puzzle and let us know on our social sites how you did!

Winter Crossword Puzzle JPEG.jpg


Thanksgiving Trivia Worksheet

Test your knowledge of Thanksgiving history with this trivia worksheet! Answers are included.

Thanksgiving Trivia JPEG 01.jpg
Fall Scavenger JPEG 01.jpg


Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Explore the great outdoors with this Autumn Scavenger Hunt worksheet and see how many items the family can find!