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Distance Learning Pod Support For Your Homeschool Pod In Orange County

Review and stay on track with your virtual learning with tutoring from OC's experienced K-12 educators

Learning Pod Support


An experienced, qualified educator from Total Tutors will meet with your learning pod of 4+ students on a regular basis ( 2x a week minimum) for customized distance learning support at any location of your choice in Orange County, CA. Whether your pod is on homeschool curriculum, virtual, hybrid, or in-person learning model with local public or private schools this year, our educator can help ensure a solid foundation in their education.


Review and reteach 

The tutor will review any material covered in e learning curriculum and reteach if needed to ensure full understanding.

Assist with homework and project completion

The tutor will assist in time management, organization, and any homework or project assignments to ensure timely completion.

Virtual Learning Supervision & Support

If desired, the tutor can supervise online learning sessions to redirect attention and provide a safe, structured, and supportive environment for learning.

* Enrichment & Exercise

We offer additional enrichment & physical education programs to provide the students with a complete, well-rounded education experience. The Enrichment & Exercise Program aims to help students stay engaged and physically active with Arts & Sciences, music, and fitness & sports programming.

* Not included in regular Learning Pod Tutoring

Teacher helping student with e learning

Our Distance Learning Solution


Our distance learning solution offers much more beyond childcare and supervision. Our goal is, and always will be, to bring quality private education to each student through carefully curated tutoring experience. 


Our Teachers 

Like for our tutors for private tutoring, we apply the highest standards when matching tutors for learning pod support. All of our tutors are experienced, qualified education professionals that have had years of experience teaching, classroom management skills, and familiarity with K - 12 core curriculum and local school systems. Each tutor is also safety- screened through background checks, vetted, and required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) during sessions.

Our Matching Process

We go through an extensive screening, vetting, and matching process for each Total Tutors educator to ensure they are the perfect fit for your needs. Though we do not utilize individualized lesson plans or comprehensive evaluations for pod learning support, we will still schedule an initial meeting with students and parents to gather more information and learn more about the class personalities and needs. We will then use this information to find a local tutor that will best fit your pod's needs.

Our Guarantee

Our customized approach means we can create a service that's best aligned with your pod's needs. Our service guarantee means you get the tutors of the highest caliber, and if your needs or preferences change, we are here to help make any adjustments needed and streamline the process, so you can spend less time stressing, and more quality time with your family.

Teacher with elementary school pod

Upfront Tutoring Pricing


Please visit our Pricing page for pricing info & current offers. We do not offer standard weekly packages - All pod tutoring pricing listed as hourly rate per student, and custom discounted packages can be created to allow for more flexibility to fit your learning support needs.

Custom Location


Private In-Home 

Our tutor will come to your learning pod anywhere in Orange County, CA, whether that is in your home, or a few homes on a rotating schedule.

Outdoor Private/ Public Space

If you prefer to have distance learning support in open air, our tutor can come to your choice of outdoor space in Orange County. Please be advised that outdoor classrooms do come with more distractions and limitations. 

Virtual Learning Pod 

While we mainly recommend virtual tutoring format for one on one instruction, we offer small group virtual pod instruction (maximum 8) for families that need to minimize risks but would like the support and community of pod learning. 

Outdoor Pod Tutoring With Teacher

Get Distance Learning Pod Support From Orange County's Experienced K-12 Educators


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