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Private Tutoring

Learn effectively with 1-on-1 private tutoring from OC's best Pre K-12 educators:


Individualized education programs customized to your specific needs, taught by experienced education professionals.

Private Tutoring At Total Tutors:

The Total Tutor Difference


Total Tutors is not simply a tutor matching service - we are a private tutoring company, specializing in bringing unique, customized, and completely individualized education programs to each student. Instead of focusing on just the subject, Total Tutors teaches its students study strategies and techniques that will benefit them long beyond their class, and help them to ultimately become better learners.The success of our private tutoring programs stems from our unique psychology-backed approach to education that teaches beyond subjects and helps students develop positive connections with education. While many tutoring companies and schools teach to a test, Total Tutors teaches to the student and their specific needs, helping them reach their fullest potential. When topped off with the best, and most highly-qualified tutors in Orange County, you get the Total Tutors difference!

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Expert Educators

At Total Tutors, we believe that when it comes to tutoring, knowing how to teach can be more valuable than understanding a subject. We pair each student only with experienced education professionals with training and credentials; knowledgeable in school subjects, current teaching methods, local school systems and curriculum, and with at least three years experience working in the education field.

Time Management & Organization Skills


More important than understanding each individual subject, is students learning good study habits, work ethic, and techniques to help them with all academics in the future. No matter the tutoring subject, we help students discover how they each learn best, and equip them with the time management and organizational skills that help them become better learners outside of the private tutoring sessions.

Monitored Progress 

Our Program Director periodically checks in with each family and student to collect feedback and assess the student's progress, in order to make any adjustments to the tutoring program necessary for continued success. Our satisfaction guarantee means we will work with you to make sure your needs and preferences are met, and you get the most out of your private tutoring experience. 

Special Needs Assistance 

Our team of A.B.A trained and special education certified teachers allow us to provide the best special needs tutoring options that cater to your specific needs, and give you the best educational opportunities, in a nurturing and educational environment.

Proprietary Comprehensive Evaluation 

Our uniquely qualified Program Director evaluates the student at the beginning to create a learning profile, assessing the student's learning style, critical thinking and problem solving ability, memory retention, comprehension, personality style, and understanding of subjects. The evaluation report allows the Program Director to create individualized education programs for the private tutor that address the educational needs of the student in the most effective way.

Expert Tutoring Program Design

Our Program Director leverages years of experience differentiating education and designing education programs as well as his background in special education and behavioral psychology to create each student's individualized education program (IEP) in a way that is engaging, effective, and easy to understand.

Extensive Tutor Matching & Vetting

Using our psychology-backed methods, we find the most qualified tutor near you that is best suited to carry out your education program while igniting each student's love for learning.

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Personalized Private Tutoring Program Just For You

Customized Education Program

Lessons, materials, and progression personalized to your specific needs and learning styles

Learn At Your Own Pace

Spend more time on your weak areas, and progress through the rest

Increased Results

Learn more efficiently and effectively with a customized program & expertly matched tutor

Reduced Exposure 

Get 100% attention while reducing contact and risk of disease exposure with our safety-compliant tutors

Convenient Scheduling

Have your tutoring sessions in-home, online, or any location and at times convenient to you

Any Subject & EXTRAcurriculars 

Get personalized help with any academic subject Pre K - 12, as well as languages and extracurriculars such as arts, music, STEM.

Upfront Tutor Pricing


Please visit our Pricing page for detailed pricing & current offers. We offer class packages with reduced pricing instead of weekly or monthly packages to allow for more flexibility to fit your learning needs and schedule.

Custom Format & Location


1 on 1 Private Tutoring

Meet with tutor 1 on 1 for education program customized to your needs

Small Group Tutoring

Small group tutoring of 2 - 4 kids with common curriculum (i.e. writing, test prep, extracurricular)

Private In-Home Tutoring

Our local tutor will come to your home anywhere in Orange County, CA.

Outdoor Private/ Public Space

If you prefer to have private tutoring sessions in open air, our tutor can come to your choice of outdoor space in Orange County. Please be advised that outdoor classes do come with distractions and technological limitations. 

Virtual Tutoring 

While we recommend in person instruction for higher learning efficacy and engagement, we offer virtual online tutoring for families that need to prioritize health risks. In case of you or the tutor needing to quarantine or are experiencing illness, in-person sessions can also be taken online temporarily as needed.

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We offer private tutoring for all subjects and readiness levels for students Pre K - 12, including special needs tutoring and extracurricular enrichment programs.

Pre Kindergarten

PreK Reading

PreK Writing

PreK Math

PreK Reasoning 

Elementary School

K5 Math

K5 Reading

K5 Writing

K5 History

K5 Science

K5 Homework Help

K5 Test Prep

Early childhood Life Skills

Middle School

Middle School Reading

Middle School Writing

Middle School Math

Middle School History

Middle School Science

Middle School Homework Help

Middle School Test Prep

Intermediate Life Skills

Tutorig Subjects
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Pre - Algebra


Pre - Calculus







Earth Science


Creative Writing

Essay Writing

Opinion Writing

1 Week Writing Course

Language Arts



AP Literature



Chinese (Mandarin)


(Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Stay Ahead With Individualized Private Tutoring By Orange County's Expert Educators


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