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Orange County's Top Private Education Solutions For Pre K - 12

Our Services

Tutoring for all subjects and levels from pre-K to high school

We offer a variety of private education services to best fit every child's needs such as 1 on 1 Private Tutoring, Specialized Test Prep, Distance Learning Pod Support, Special Education Tutoring, After-School Homework Clubs, Readiness Assessments, Behavior Intervention, Supplemental Education Programs, Music Lessons, 20 Minute Organization Check-Ins.... and many more! 

Scroll down to learn more about the different services we provide, or contact us with any questions!

Special Needs Education

With veteran special education teachers aboard the Total Tutors team, we are proud to be able to accommodate special needs students for all our services.

Enrich & Explore

Our education solutions go beyond academics - our EXTRAcurricular tutoring offer enrichment programs for students to develop creativity and learn more about arts, music, and instruments.

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Visit Fit First for our children's fitness education programs

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A trained tutor leads after-school school pod group in a larger group setting (4+) to review online curriculum and provide homework support for virtual and hybrid schooling. This is the perfect option for students who need less hands on help to complete daily assignments and studies, and need to enhance full understanding of school material.

Individual or group tutoring (2-4) sessions tailored to your specific needs and learning styles, for students who may need more individualized education. Hosted in-home, virtually, or at a mutual location of your choice.

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calculus homework


Additional advanced workload for students who have surpassed grade level courses, and need supplemental work to continue progressing and remain challenged. Hosted in-home, virtually, or at a mutual location.

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Student doing assessment


A comprehensive evaluation to determine learning type, memorization skills, problem solving ability, reading and writing levels, understanding of grade level material, areas of strength, as well as areas in need of improvement.
Evaluations help students develop a better understanding of how they learn best, as well as help our tutor's navigate the best steps moving forward. The assessments can be hosted in-home or at a mutual location.

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Test prep for students with state or specialized assessments approaching (ISEE, ACT, SAT). This includes studying, review, and most importantly, testing strategy. Hosted in-home, through videochat, or at a mutual location of your choice.


A.B.A. by licensed professionals for special needs students practicing life skills and social skills.

Hosted in-home.

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Our readiness assessment is followed by scheduled twenty minute check-ins to help students stay organized, budget time wisely, remain task-oriented, and accomplish their goals in a timely manner. Designed for students that struggle with organization and procrastination. Hosted in-home and over phone or virtually.



Music, instruments, STEM, and physical fitness programs for beginner to advanced levels for education beyond academics


Contact us to tell us your needs, and we will personalize the perfect service for you!

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Our Private Education Success 

Total Tutors offers top private education solutions for students pre k-12 in Orange County, CA. The success of our tutoring programs stems from our proven psychology-backed methods, evaluations, and education program design, coupled with experienced educators that are passionate and skilled in teaching. At Total Tutors, we offer more than tutoring services or tutor matching - we offer education solutions. Through our private education programs, we aim to teach students beyond academics to become independent learners. By matching students with the right tutor specific to their needs, our students not only learn more effectively, but also gain a more positive connection with learning and work ethic. We pride ourselves in the efficacy of our methods, which is reflected in our 100% package renewal rate since the founding of Total Tutors.

2 Grade Level Improvement In Scores On Average

Increased Overall Homework Completion Rate (99%)

Increased Overall Productivity & Organization Skills Outside Of Tutoring

100% Parents Reported Increased Motivation & Independence

100% Class Package Renewal Rate

Not sure what service you need?


Contact us or Call (949) 287-3305 for a FREE consultation today, and we will help you find the best pre K-12 private education solutions for your unique needs

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