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Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Meet the Founder


Founder/ CEO/ Head Program Designer & Child Development Specialist

Adam is the founder and CEO of Total Tutors with years of experience in the education industry supported by formal education. Education has always been his passion - his experience in the past 10+ years led him to founding Total Tutors, with the goal of bringing effective individualized education to Southern California. 

With Bachelor's Degrees in Behavior Psychology and Education from Texas Tech University, years working as a Special Ed (k-12) teacher across multiple states, and a specialization in Education Differentiation, Adam is uniquely qualified to help students develop ideal individualized learning strategies. An extensive past in learning from award-winning special education PhDs helped him develop rare and particular skills pertinent to special education, and his specialty in behavior modification qualifies an ability to differentiate education, assess particular learning styles, and administer special testing. 


As the head Program Director, Adam leverages his skillset to develop a higher level of understanding of students during the initial evaluation, and determines the most efficient teaching strategy and lesson plan for each student. His ultimate goal for each student is to help them become better learners, develop a positive connection with education, and unlock their full potential.



Education Differentiation, Special Education, Behavioral Modification, Special Assessments

Reading & Writing, Math

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